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The Impact of Religiously Biased Mental Health Professionals

Anyone familiar with me and/or my work knows that I have a great deal of respect for those involved in the mental health field. I have been a member of the San Gabriel Valley Psychological Association since 2008 and have attended almost all of their monthly lunch meetings since joining that organization. I spend a great deal of time reading psychological research and articles and engaging in discussions with a great many mental health professionals in order to improve the way in which I approach both my work and my life. In addition, I have been very open about the fact that I worked with a psychoanalyst twice a week for approximately two years, commencing in January 2009, in order to work through the dysfunction in my family and how it impacted me. I believe that among other things, this has helped me to become far more psychologically-minded in everything that I do. I firmly believe that I am a much better person and professional because of my appreciation and respect for the mental health field and those involved in it.

Mark Baer Selected for the Best of Los Angeles Award 2014: Family Law & Divorce Attorney

Last month, Pasadena divorce lawyer Mark Baer was recognized as the best in L.A. for family law and divorce. The Best of Los Angeles Award lauded Mr. Baer's commitment to defusing conflict in divorce and achieving peaceful separations.

God Bless America!

Some things are just too coincidental to actually be coincidental and we can find the connection if we look hard enough. In "From mere coincidences to meaningful discoveries," Thomas L. Griffiths and Joshua B. Tenenbaum said, "By attending to coincidences, we have the opportunity to discover that our beliefs are false, and to develop more accurate theories. Our sensitivity to coincidences is not just a source of curious tales and irrational conclusions - it is one of the cognitive capacities that makes causal discovery possible, both in science and everyday life."

Instant Gratification or Long-Term Growth?

Last night, a colleague of mine praised me both for my passion and for my marketing skills. I was very pleased that Tawnya Gilreath took it upon herself to correct his misstatement. She stated that I am very skilled at educating people and causing them to think. I must admit that both statements are accurate.

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