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Is Mediation for Your Child Custody Case a Good Idea?

If you watch TV court dramas, you know that divorce can be an adversarial process in which lawyers and their clients fight tooth and nail for money, validation and custody of the couples’ kids. One spouse is portrayed as evil or heartless and the other, a beleaguered saint. In the end, someone wins and the other loses.

Then there is real life – where real people and real children reside. In real life, that litigious, contentious approach is rarely in the best interest of the couple getting a divorce or their children.

You and your former spouse will have a connection to your children for the rest of your lives. Working together on a plan to raise your children eases the tension and promotes a healthy outlook.

Is mediation right for you?

According to the article, 10 Reasons to try child custody mediation via, mediation provides a non-adversarial approach to divorce which honors each parent’s unique contribution to the well-being of their child.

Divorce can be as difficult (or even more so) for children. For the sake of the child or children involved, parents should make every effort to reduce conflict during divorce. This can help lessen the impact of divorce on children and also help prevent parental alienation syndrome, in which the child feels obligated to choose one parent over the other.

How does mediation work?

During the mediation process, a neutral mediator facilitates moving forward in the present moment from a position in which both former spouses find common ground. Mediation avoids re-hashing the past and laying blame, a situation that makes it difficult to develop a comprehensive parenting plan with the future in mind.

Divorce is stressful on adults and children alike. No one imagined on their wedding day they’d be breaking up one day. Creating a parenting plan through mediation can alleviate the contention and is an opportunity to build a working relationship with your former spouse.

What would the future be like for your children with both parents working together and keeping their children’s interests in mind at all times? Mediation is the first step in building this collaborative relationship.

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