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How mediation can help with a relocation issue

As wonderful of a place as a Pasadena is to live, many parents in the area may find themselves having to move to another part of California or even a different state altogether.

In many cases, these moves are not entirely within the control of the parent, as they may have to move in order to keep their job or take on a new and better opportunity for their families.

Still, there are certain rules which apply when a single parent subject to a custody order is going to move with his or her children. More so than other states, though, California leaves a lot to the discretion of the judge to handle relocation issues.

For example, by awarding a parent sole custody, a judge effectively gives that parent permission to move wherever he or she wants with the child, so long as the child is not going to get hurt in the process. While the other parent can complain about the move, it's hard for him or her to really do anything about it in the end.

Furthermore, details like how much notice a parent has to give in the event of a move or ordinarily put within the judge's orders. They are very few overarching rules which apply to everybody.

This is where mediation can come in handy with respect to the relocation disputes. Specifically, custody mediation at the outset of a divorce, or, for that matter, a paternity case, gives parents the opportunity to think about and agree on what will happen in the event one parent should want to move before an actual move imminent and emotions are running high as a result.

The agreement can, and should, cover details, like what constitutes a good reason to move and how much notice a parent has to give before he or she moves.

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