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November 2014 Archives

The Impact of Religiously Biased Mental Health Professionals

Anyone familiar with me and/or my work knows that I have a great deal of respect for those involved in the mental health field. I have been a member of the San Gabriel Valley Psychological Association since 2008 and have attended almost all of their monthly lunch meetings since joining that organization. I spend a great deal of time reading psychological research and articles and engaging in discussions with a great many mental health professionals in order to improve the way in which I approach both my work and my life. In addition, I have been very open about the fact that I worked with a psychoanalyst twice a week for approximately two years, commencing in January 2009, in order to work through the dysfunction in my family and how it impacted me. I believe that among other things, this has helped me to become far more psychologically-minded in everything that I do. I firmly believe that I am a much better person and professional because of my appreciation and respect for the mental health field and those involved in it.

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