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November 2012 Archives

Sam Lutfi Claims Brittney Spears Shaved Her Head to Avoid Drug Testing in Child Custody Battle

- Earlier this month Brittney Spears' former friend Sam Lutfi testified in court that Brittney Spears shaved her head in 2007 because she was afraid it could be tested for drugs. Lutfi said that Spears was afraid the results could be used against her by her ex-husband Kevin Federline in their child custodybattle.

Former Lesbian Couple Fight for Parental Rights in Egg Donor Case

On October 2, 2012 a child custody case was brought before the Florida Supreme Court. The judge overseeing the case listened to arguments over a child custody dispute between two lesbians that were formally from Brevard County. Lawyers on both sides said that the outcome of the case was unlikely to affect other couples, whether they were gay or straight.

Why Clients Should Take Some Responsibility for Their Dissatisfaction with the Ultimate Outcomes of their Cases

Maybe clients would be more satisfied with the outcomes of their cases if they changed the way in which they interviewed and selected the attorneys they retain. When clients consult with attorneys, they frequently ask the attorneys questions of law - they want to know what the law is on a particular issue. Shouldn't any well-regarded attorney know the law in their field of practice? If so, is it wise to select an attorney based upon their knowledge of the law? I don't think so.

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