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September 2012 Archives

The Real Life Consequences Resulting from Families and Society Shaming Homosexuals.

I have never been one to mince words. The reason that so many homosexuals have issues with their sexual orientation is because of the shame they experience or expect to experiencefrom their family, friends and society. Let's now discuss how this plays out in life -- I mean for the heterosexual community. Homosexual people often marry heterosexual people because they don't need to deal with their sexual orientation. Why would anyone subject themselves to abuse (both from family and society) by choice? STOP DISCRIMINATING AGAINST, HATING, TORMENTING, ETC. PEOPLE WHO YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND AND STOP VOTING FOR PEOPLE WHO DO JUST THAT. Maybe if the Republican platform on social issues were not so extreme and hateful, we would not be so polarized.

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