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July 2012 Archives

Why Attorneys Tend to Disregard Information that Might Help to Improve the Profession

Family law is not spandex and therefore one-size-fits-all does not work.I will be the first person to agree that there is no process for handling divorces that is appropriately suited for every case.For example, if a case involves issues of child safety and/or certain levels of domestic violence, litigation could possibly be the most appropriate way in which to proceed.One of the programs being offered at the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals' 13th Annual Networking and Education Forum taking place in Chicago in October 2012 is titled "Domestic Violence in Collaborative Family Law Cases".That program is described as follows:"This presentation will address how to deal with domestic violence in Collaborative family law cases, including screening tools to identify a history of family violence in the initial client interview, reasonable steps to be taken to address concerns regarding family violence if violence occurs during the process, and how to help clients decide whether to remain in the Collaborative law process or opt out and proceed to litigation after violence has occurred."

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