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Pasadena California Divorce Mediation Law Blog

Child custody mediation after domestic violence

It is an unfortunate fact that many relationships end because one of the spouses is abusive, and the other spouse simply must get out of the relationship in order to escape the domestic violence and protect himself or herself and the children.

The other spouse will likely be afraid and not want to have further contact with his or her husband or wife. Many times, one of the spouses will even wind up being subject to a protective order in these sorts of situations.

Is Mediation for Your Child Custody Case a Good Idea?

If you watch TV court dramas, you know that divorce can be an adversarial process in which lawyers and their clients fight tooth and nail for money, validation and custody of the couples’ kids. One spouse is portrayed as evil or heartless and the other, a beleaguered saint. In the end, someone wins and the other loses.

Then there is real life – where real people and real children reside. In real life, that litigious, contentious approach is rarely in the best interest of the couple getting a divorce or their children.

Using a mediator to put a value on a family business

Many Pasadena couples who are in the midst of getting a divorce may own or be involved in a family business. Sometimes, they even both own stock in the business or each have some sort of managerial role in the business's affairs.

Like every other piece of property, a business has to be divided during the course of a divorce so that each couple gets that to which he or she is entitled under California's community property laws.

How mediation can help with a relocation issue

As wonderful of a place as a Pasadena is to live, many parents in the area may find themselves having to move to another part of California or even a different state altogether.

In many cases, these moves are not entirely within the control of the parent, as they may have to move in order to keep their job or take on a new and better opportunity for their families.

Three tips for saving money in the divorce process

Divorce can be a stressful and expensive process. But if you let the emotional burden prevent you from staying on top of the practical aspects of your case, it could end up costing you financially. Here are three tips to help keep you focused during a divorce—which will also save you money.

Do your homework.

Study says mediation bears better results than court

Divorce occurs when a couple has finally had enough. It's often at one of two times: a moment of extreme tension between spouses, or a period of resignation where they seek a solution to a problematic relationship. The goal is the same in both scenarios: to end a marriage get out of a situation that isn't working for either party.

Most people view divorce as more of an argument than an agreement but, like marriage, both partners need to consent before they can move on. It is a legal annulment of a relationship, and it has a formal process to divide property and to establish child custody roles after the marriage. Both partners need to work together to transition into their new lives. Even if they don't think it's possible to work together any longer.

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